Paper craft – fruits


Another craft activity with color paper.

My daughter had learnt a song about fruits in her playgroup which goes “orange, apple, pineapple fruit salad…”.  She loved the song and because of the catchy tune, I liked it too.  Whenever I took her along for grocery shopping, she enjoyed identifying the fruits and vegetables.  So, we decided to do a craft activity for a few fruits.

What we used:
Colour paper, glue and scissors

We had decided on apple, watermelon, banana, strawberry, orange and grapes.  So, I cut the fruits out of colour paper and gave it to my daughter for sticking on a sheet of paper.

We didn’t have the exact colour for some fruits, especially strawberry and grapes.  My daughter still enjoyed the activity.


Depending on the fruits / vegetables known to your child, you could add more to the list.