DIY Document Holder


After trimming my husband’s favourite pair of jeans into a pair of shorts, the left-over fabric pieces and I were looking at each other. But for the frayed ends, the fabric was good and I did not want to throw them away.

I had always wanted a command centre (based on this post by Trish), I wanted something to store all important documents (my husband’s boarding passes for his weekly travel, my elder daughter Santoshi’s library folder which is due every wednesday morning, other circulars to be returned to her school after my signature, cheque for payment to younger daughter Anjana’s day care, Santoshi’s extra classes, the list is endless). I thought it would be nice to have multiple pockets.

This is how I did it:

Things used:

  • A piece of cardboard
  • A piece of fabric for the base (that was another leftover fabric from a project which did not make it to this blog)
  • Leftover denim fabric
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape
  • PVC pipe for backing


Step 1: Cut the fabric into four pieces of equal size. The width of each piece was larger than that of a sheet of A4 paper. The height was about three-fourths of that of a sheet of A4 paper.


Step 2: Arrange the denim fabric pieces on the piece of cardboard to ensure that there is enough space to fit all four of them.


Step 3: Pin the pieces in place and sew three sides of each of the four pieces to the base fabric (leaving the top side open). I also used zigzag stitch to sew the edges to the base fabric to avoid fraying.

Step 4: Using fabric glue and tape, attach the base fabric to the cardboard and let it dry.


Step 5: Attach PVC pipes on the back and secure them with glue and tape. The pipes will give enough support to the holder so that the cardboard does not fold. Doesn’t look good, but no one will see this side, so it’s ok ūüôā



Step 6: Add a binder clip or two to the top of the document holder and hang it using a nail. [I have not done this yet, because I need to have a nail on the wall first, waiting on dear husband to do it for me]. Mine is just resting on the wall atop the shoe rack.



Step 7: If you have smaller items to place here, use binder clips on the top edge on the denim fabric to hold them.


Well, what do you think? I would like to hear you comments. Thanks for reading my post!


DIY Medicine Storage


Yes, one more item which involves recycling a carton in to something useful.

Right from tylenol to other prescription drugs which my husband and I use are stored in a kitchen container placed on top of our refrigerator. As most of these capsules and tablets come in strips, rather than in bottles, I had to change the way these medicines were stored.

A small but sturdy delivery carton from amazon along with cardboard strips and glue did the trick.

Things which I used:

  1. Carton and cardboard strips
  2. Glue
  3. Box cutter
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. Clear tape
  6. Colour paper



Step 1: Cut the top flaps off the carton.

Step 2: Measure and cut cardboard strips to serve as partitions/ dividers inside the box. Paste them inside the box using glue.



Step 3: Make a further partition or divider (as I needed to store smaller strips which may fall inside the bigger space and be difficult to get them out)

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as the number of partitions you need.


Step 5: Wrap the outside of the box using colour paper.


Step 6: Store the medicines in an organised way and for easy access too!

Before and After images:

wp-1481033079892.jpg wp-1481033078801.jpg

Whew! That’s all for today.

Thanks for reading the post!



DIY Stationery Organiser


My elder daughter Santoshi who will soon be six years old loves colouring and drawing. So, the whole family (my husband and I, my parents, his parents, our siblings) buy lots of stationery supplies for her. As my husband and I would like her to keep things tidy (so that she does not end up like me looking to tidy her things in mid-thirties), I wanted her to have a tabletop stationery organiser.

Momontimeout from where I ¬†got the backpack storage idea also had this interesting post on organising stationery items. In addition, pins on¬†Pinterest on stationery¬†organisation and posts in facebook and other sites on recycling bottles¬†made me want to do something for Santoshi’s stationery items.

Things which I used:

  1. Four plastic bottles (capacity – roughly 600 ml)
  2. Cardboard pieces from a delivery carton
  3. Box cutter/ Kitchen knife
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Fevikwik
  7. Packing tape
  8. A small piece of thermocol (cut from the packing material of our new computer monitor)
  9. Paper for wrapping

Step 1: Cut the bottles’ top portion off (roughly where it starts to taper) using a box cutter or kitchen knife. I used my kitchen knife. I used a pair of scissors to neatly snip them off.


Step 2: I could not find a carton which could fit four bottles. So, I used my younger daughter Anjana’s baby food carton as the base – which seemed to be the perfect size.


Step 3: I cut off the top flaps and the back of the carton so that the remaining portion of it.

Step 4: Using the cardboard strips (saved from earlier recycling activities), one was placed inside the carton for a firm backing. Four other pieces serve as the sides of the box (the baby food carton is hardly two inches in height placed as seen in the pic above).



Step 5: Using packing tape and glue, the cardboard pieces were attached to the base.

Step 6: Wrap colour paper around the box.


Step 7: Wrap colour paper around the bottles. I did not wrap them fully because the carton’s sides would cover more than half the height of the bottles.


Step 8: Paste the bottles inside the box using fevikwik at the base.

Step 9: I measured the extra space that was available in order to attach a shallow storage space for smaller items like eraser, sharpener, etc. Wrap the piece of thermocol using colour paper and paste it in the unused space of box aligning it with the top of the box.


Now, the ‘organiser’ is ready to be used!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Boardgame Storage using Cartons


I know, this is probably the fourth post on cartons, but please do bear with me, this would not be the last, sorry!

My husband bought a Mi Air Purifier which is working great. What I liked about the product was that it came packed in a sturdy carton which obviously had to be transformed in to something more useful for me.


Initially, the¬†carton was used to store my elder daughter Santoshi’s stationery collection (paper, colour pencils, crayons, markers and what not). But, the box was way too heavy for her to use. So, the carton had¬†to find its real purpose in life. In that process, we figured that it could be used in the closet for storing puzzles and boardgames.

Most of Santoshi’s toys, jigsaw puzzles¬†and board games are stored in a closet in one of the bedrooms. She does not want to play with those toys anymore and she has used the board games and jogsaw puzzles enough number of times to be bored of them. But, they still need a place so that they can used when her younger sister Anjana is old enough for those.

This is what I did:

Step 1: Cut the top flaps off. That reduced a lot of weight off the box.

Step 2: Use packing tape to run around the corners and near the base of the carton.


Step 3: Wrap the carton using colourful paper.


Step 4: The carton seemed too long to be used as is. So, I inserted a piece of cardboard (from the flaps that were cut off) as a partition and used packing tape to secure it in place.


Now, all the puzzles boxes and the boardgames go right in to the box.


Finally, the Mi Air Purifier packing carton found its true purpose. Don’t you think so?

Thanks for reading the post! Will meet you again with another post on another of my wild adventures ūüôā


Wardrobe organisation


In my march towards a tidy home, I made a stop at my younger daughter’s Anjana’s wardrobe.

She turned two in September 2016 and is quickly outgrowing her clothes which was ask the more reason to ensure that all clothes that are currently fitting her are used regularly.

I was using a bookshelf as her wardrobe. Even though it wasn’t too deep like the other closets in my house, somehow we ended up putting on the clothes on to save never really got on to the bottom of the pile. The reason was that after washing and folding her clothes, i stack them up on the clothes that were already there. Keeping them at the bottom of the existing pile didn’t work either – out just made things messier and uglier than before.

So, it was time to come up with a solution to not stack clothes on top. I wanted to have 2 piles – one from which I [read Anjana] will pick what she would wear that day and the other which we be the washed and folded clothes.

One fine day, I chose four Amazon delivery cartons. As usual, the boxes underwent the same treatment as other repurposed cartons.

Once the cartons were made ready to be used as storage boxes, all the clothes were sorted and arranged into:

  • Tops [t-shirts, frocks and sets]
  • Bottoms [shorts, pants and underwear]
  • Nightdress

Tops went into the bigger box as two stacks. Nightdress and bottoms went into the smaller box as a stack each.

I have two pairs of the boxes as you see in the pic below:


The first rack has the boxes from which we pick clothes to wear. The middle rack had boxes into which the washed and folded clothes go. The third rack has towels and napkins and Anjana’s diaper pack.

How this works:

  1. We pick those clothes which are on the top of each stack in the first rack.
  2. Every day, after washing and folding, the clothes go into the respective boxes and stacks in the second rack, with the latest clothes stacked on top.
  3. Once we exhaust each stack in the first rack, the respective replacement stack from the second rack goes into the box in the first rack [the latest clothes become the bottommost of the stack in the first rack] so that all the clothes are regularly used.

This arrangement was put to practice more than two weeks back and it has worked for us! Things are more organised and we do know where to look for what.

I need to do something similar for my elder daughter Santoshi’s wardrobe too. But, she has lots more things in hers. Let’s see how that goes.

Thanks for stopping by!


DIY Storage Box from Delivery Carton


I am taking one step at time towards my tidy home. Once the backpacks were taken care of, I felt the need to continue to tidy and organise my home. So, I set my eyes on my scrap fabric collection. These fabric pieces were in three different locations in the same room.

All the scrap fabric were taken out and sorted.



Once they were sorted by colour, I picked a carton (amazon delivery box, once again) big enough to hold all of these.


The box is quite an old one, so I ran my brown packing tape all over the corners and edges.


Please forgive the poor finishing.

Unlike the backpack storage box, I left the top flaps intact in this carton because I want to be able to stack some other boxes on top, if need be.

Next was to wrap this box with paper all around so that the box looks more appealing than a bare delivery box.


I made a mistake in the backpack storage box by starting the wrap the paper from the corner. So, when i finished that box, you could see the brown colour in the first corner. So, I started wrapping with about an inch or two of the paper to the side and added a complimenting colour paper for the top flaps.


wp-1479825698789.jpg¬†Now, the delivery carton is about to embark on its new journey as my fabric storage box. Lucky carton, isn’t it?


And finished it with a hand-written label (I forgot to print a label).


Do you like it? I definitely do!

I have put this box on one of the topmost racks because I do not use this everyday.¬†Next target is a tight match between my stash of stationery items (smaller box) or the poor box which holds my elder daughter Santoshi’s art/craft materials (a huge one).

It depends on the time at my disposal as well as the availability of the right colour papers to wrap the boxes. You will know as soon as it happens!

Thanks for reading the post!


Towards a tidy home


Now that the end of my corporate career is approaching, I am intending to deal with those things at home which I have ignored (shame on me) for almost the last ten years.

While getting my daily dosage of facebook, I happened to read this blog post. I could not stop thinking of how to make my home a tidier, cleaner place to live in. It made me guilty that I am used to living in my house which I don’t bother to tidy up. Not only that, I have been justifying myself for not cleaning up with ‘valid reasons’¬†– I have two kids, I have a full time job, I would rather spend time with my kids than in cleaning the house, etc.

But, this post made me think. How was I before I had my second child? The house was not tidy. Before I had my first child? Not tidy. Before I got married? My room was somewhere near ‘acceptable’ but I do not remember dusting or cleaning. So, all my reasons were in fact ridiculous excuses. I do not want my kids to grow up with the habit of not cleaning or keeping things tidy. I wanted them to be like my mother-in-law who maintained her house spotless, no matter what. I wanted a home like that and I realised that I had to do something to get that.

This week, I started reading up on housekeeping and organising websites and blog posts and that’s when I read this post. Though I have not set my command centre (at least not yet), I loved the idea of storing the backpacks and bags in an orderly fashion than scattered on the floor at the foot of the kitchen cupboard where I store all the cups and spoons/ forks for the kids. ¬†I wanted to keep the floor free of these so that none of us trip over anything or find a spoon or fork or lid of a small snack box in the bag while looking for something else.

Things I used:

  • A carton ¬†roomy enough for the things you would like to store¬†(I used amazon delivery box which measures approximately 30 inches by 18 inches which fits all my things perfectly)
  • Colour paper for wrapping the box (I used papers with two different designs of my favourite colour teal)
  • Scissors
  • Knife (for cutting the handles out)
  • Glue
  • Brown packing¬†tape
  • Clear tape

Step 1: Cut two top flaps of the box out. (After cutting them, I placed the two long flaps inside the box to give the bottom a firmer and even surface).

Step 2: Mark two rectangles (2 inches by 1 inch) about 3 inches from the top of the box and about 4 to 5 inches from the left/ right side of the box. Cut them out using the knife.


Step 3: Stick the brown packing tape over the top of the box (where the flaps were) so that they would not fray.

Step 4: Wrap the paper on the outside. I used glue to stick the paper to the box. To ensure that the paper does not come off the box, I have secured the bottom ends of the paper to the base of the box using clear tape. While wrapping the paper where the handles have been cut out, make a horizontal slit at the centre of the rectangle and fully the vertical sides and fold the paper and stick them to the inside of the box.

Step 5: Add a label to make it more attractive.


Now, you can see the difference which a storage box (and of course the idea) could make:



Of course, I have moved the box to a different area in the kitchen (under a folding table) so that the space there is used properly and the floor space near the cupboard is free from clutter.

More to come on how the things in my house are going to be organised – one thing at a time.

Thanks for reading the post and hope the before image did not scare you. Sorry if it did!