Thanks for visiting my blog!

I am Vijayalakshmi Kartik living in India with my husband and two young daughters. I constantly look out for new ways to recycle things for useful crafts. I enjoy making crochet, paper crafts, drawing, cooking stories up (hence the name for my blog) to entertain my daughters and creating DIY costumes for them.

Some of my drawings have been used as the background images in my husband Kartik’s android apps for kids. Please feel free to have a look at my books (intended for children aged two to five years of age) published in Kindle which have been illustrated by me. My other stories are available at Storybird under the pen name cookup.

Also visit us at https://digitalamrit.com/blog/ for book reviews and articles on product management.

Share your thoughts about the blog or the posts either as comments or by email to viji.kartik@gmail.com or kartik.narayanan@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi viji
    Great to come across your blog you have a wonderful one.I was searching for ideas to make a veena for my child for a skit , its then that I happen to accidentally come across your site.I would be obliged if you could guide me the website from where you took the picture of the veena and also guide me on the vinyl printout why didn’t you take a print on a paper and from where did you manage such a big printout .I stay abroad and I have to manage with the available resources.Please reply ASAP.


    • Hi Ramya, thanks for your kind words. I did a Google image search. I used vinyl because paper might tear. Got it printed at a local store which print banners. Do let me know if you need more info on this. Feel free to contact me at viji.kartik@gmail.com – let me see how I can help. Btw, where do you live?


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