The Sanyare Chronicles – the happy accident

Hello everyone!

Been a long time, isn’t it? Well, with a full-time job, two young and energetic kids and home renovation going on in full swing, my blog has also collected as much dust as my home now. Majority of my posts have been my experiments with craft and costumes and of late, my kids don’t seem to be enjoy being the guinea pigs and I have zero patience for any craft projects, let alone the time and ideas that are essential.

A month back, I had to buy a skipping rope (jump rope if you are in the USA) for my 7 year old who was attending a summer camp. This little shopping trip meant a little walk in the shipping district of my city to go to the toy store where I can do some window shopping of pretty, fluffy bears, not to mention the side benefit of about 20 minutes of me-time. So, I declared my intention of not taking my daughter along and sneaked out of the house.

By default my eyes scanned the mailbox for interesting. Last year, I was part of a Christmas card exchange with my friends (mostly in the USA / Canada). That’s when I used to regularly check our mailbox. Along when the cards, I also started collecting the postage stamps. I now do have a decent collection of stamps. That particular day, I saw an envelope which saw a typical greeting card sized one addressed to my husband and it was mailed from the USA. Interesting! But no stamp, only franking; so, disappointing in a different way.

But, what was inside? It was definitely not a greeting card. I looked at the sender’s name: Haskell. No clue. May be some small, niche computer part manufacturer, perhaps? (my husband is a techie, fyi). But, the package did not seem suitable for small, fragile items. I felt the envelope from all angles to see if it was anything else that my husband haf ordered from eBay which was shipping from the USA. But, hardly any chance of that because I am the forgetful one and he always tells me what he orders, where it will come from, etc.

Curiosity was killing me. I called him over phone to check what it was (too lazy to go three floors up to ask him in person, plus it might jeopardize my me-time to the toy store). He told me that it was from an author and he will explain once I was back home. I couldn’t stop thinking of the envelope. My husband does book reviews, ARC’s too and a few of the authors have sent him signed copies of their books. But this was not a book; it was small, lightweight and flat. I made a run to the store, picked the first skipping rope that I saw and skipped back home.

Back at home, I immediately gave the skipping rope to my daughter without a word (usually I would give her a sermon on value of money, the importance of taking good care of things, the consequences of not taking care of it, blah blah blah) so that she would be occupied while I could open the envelope and see its contents.

For us, unboxing is an important event by itself. We look forward to unboxing (be it a new PS4 or a new case for my phone or any Amazon package for that matter) – we sit on our sofa facing each other, keep the box between us and open it carefully, checking all of its contents one by one, sometimes click pics (like the serial number, etc).

During the unboxing ceremony, my husband told me that he was part of a street team group of this author. Wait, what’s a street team group? Similar to ARC (advance reader copy). Aaah, ok. The envelope had stickers and postcard sized illustrations about the book. Wow! He told me that the books had a strong female lead character and assured me that I will love these books.

I was still working on the podcast of the earlier book (The Maze Runner). The understanding between us was that the next set of books will have to wait until I finish the podcast of the current one. So, once that podcast was published, I started with the first book and soon was drawn into the series. Listen to the podcast on my thoughts of these books. The text review will soon be available at Digital Amrit.

I am soooooo excited about the new books that are coming up in this series – a companion novella will be out soon, followed by book 4.

Until next time, bye!

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