T-shirt to Football Jersey


It’s been a while since my last post. This time I made a football jersey for my younger daughter Anjana out of her regular t-shirt.

She goes to kindergarten and the theme of the month was ‘clothes we wear’. Her group had to come to school in sportswear  and we had, as usual, one clear day time to get it ready.

Initially I wanted to send her as a tennis player (white t-shirt, white divided skirt and may be a headband) but then my husband and I thought, why not a football player?

We were not sure if we will be able to get a football jersey for a 3 year old and she may not want to wear it, which means it will pile up along with a lot of other unused items of clothing.

Determined to DIY using something that she already had, I tried to recollect what could be repurposed into a jersey. Suddenly, a bulb went ‘ding’ and I knew a dark blue t-shirt of hers was in that pile and that it had a tiger’s face and the text “Roar” printed in the front.



After googling images of football jerseys, I had a rough idea of the “must-haves” of a football jersey:

  • The team name in the front
  • Number below the name
  • Player’s name in the back
  • Number below the name (bigger font size than on the front)

Since the t-shirt already had “Roar” which was the rallying cry of our football club “Little Tiger”, I printed the following out with white font and black outline:

  • 12 (smaller font size and bigger font size)
  • ANJANA (her name)

After cutting the letters and numbers to shape, I put a polythene carry bag between the front and back of the t-shirt to ensure that the glue didn’t seep through to the other size of the t-shirt.


I pasted the number to the front of the t-shirt using fabric glue:


It was fairly simple to align the number to the centre (below the “club” name).

Now, on to the other side:


I tried to roughly position them first and then pasted using fabric glue.


Keeping the polythene carry bag inside, I let it dry for about an hour or so (no weights added fearing that the glue might hold the carry bag to the fabric).

Anjana had a pair of red shorts, a pair of socks and a black canvas shoes which were used with this t-shirt-turned-football-jersey (which took about 45 minutes to hour – starting from google search to finish).

Here she is making a face, with 2 pigtails:



We introduced the word ‘football’ to her and told her that she needs to kick the ball to  score a goal. She was very happy to go to school that day to show off the jersey and the new word (football).


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