Writing Practice for kids – Lottery Method

Write numbers and words – Lottery method

This is one of the activities in Summer holidays for my 6-year old daughter Santoshi who was moving from Kindergarten to Grade I.

During the holidays, the first “activity” of the day was writing. The school had asked her to write A to Z (lower and uppercase in cursive writing) and numbers 1 to 100. Though the school required her to write them only once a week, I decided to generously supplement the holiday homework given by school.

Her daily writing schedule was:

  • Numbers 1 to 100
  • English
    • A to Z (uppercase and lowercase) in cursive writing
    • CVC words
    • Short sentences.

Just to make writing English enjoyable (at least to me), we used the lottery method. I had cut sheets of paper into small strips. Each strip had two letters, five CVC words, two number names (from one to twenty) and three sentences. All these strips were stored in a small carton.


Each day, Santoshi will choose a had written on small strips of paper a set of letters, CVC words and short sentences and put them in a small carton.  Santoshi will have to pick a strip everyday and copy them on her notebook.  She also wrote the date on the strip to ensure that we did not pick it again. With a lot of whining and scribbling and erasing (and sometimes crying), this activity consumed an hour or two everyday.


All her hardwork paid off when the school reopened. Her handwriting and speed had improved, in addition to spellings (of sight words and CVC). She became the teacher’s “helper” in assisting her classmates because she could finish her classwork way ahead of the rest of her class.

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