Visit the Bank

One of the days in Summer was a visit to the bank in order to deposit Santoshi’s savings – similar to the book ‘Just Saving my Money’. Incidentally, it was one of the books she had read as part of the 1,000 pages in 60 days.

We had bought a back to school Dora kit for Santoshi way back in 2014. A coin bank was part of the kit. Santoshi gets coins more often than notes and both kinds go into the box.


Once the box was full or near full capacity, we decided to deposit her “loot” into her bank account. This is what we had done:

  • Open the coin bank and get its contents out on a table (or any flat surface)
  • Separate the coins from the notes
  • Count the notes first (easier than to count the coins), write down on a sheet of paper and keep them aside under a paperweight
  • Sort the coins – Santoshi has coins of value INR 1, INR 2, INR 5 and INR 10. She made stacks of INR 10 each and then we wrote them down on the sheet of paper



We went to the bank with the coins and her passbook. We filled a “deposit slip” with date, name, account number, value of the deposit and denomination. Then, we gave the coins, the deposit slip and the passbook to the banker.

We waited until all the coins were counted and the passbook was updated with the deposit. Santoshi was excited to see the different shapes of the coins, designs on the notes and how each one had a different value assigned to it.

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