Dragon Egg Craft Activity


It is summer time in Chennai and my elder daughter Santoshi’s summer vacation has begun already! She decided not to go for a summer camp since I am not working anymore. So, apart from a little writing and maths worksheets, I started looking into craft activity pins in Pinterest and have saved many ideas in here.

The first activity for this summer was making a Dragon Egg based on this pin! I liked this idea because the pictures were impressive, it was easy to do and not a very expensive project.

Things used:

  • Modelling clay (purple – my daughter’s favourite colour)
  • Gems and beads for decoration
  • Old newspaper as filling (instead of foil; I didn’t have foil)

How we did it:

  1. Crush a sheet of newspaper into a ball.IMG_20170413_131558
  2. Use clay to wrap it and gently bring it to the shape of an egg. IMG_20170413_131747
  3. Decorate with gems and beads. IMG_20170413_132711

I did a small one to serve as a demo. Then, she did hers.


The best part was not even the eggs. She wrote in her notebook about the activity. I helped her only with the spellings.


The dragon egg activity took just about ten minutes. The write-up took another ten minutes. Not enough to keep her occupied throughout the day, but it did give a lot for her to think and talk about. She told everyone about the egg and we also had to rescue the egg from my younger daughter Anjana.

How much did this activity cost us?

  1.  The clay was INR 27 and we had used only about a fourth of what came in the box. So cost of clay is only INR 7
  2. Gems and beads – INR 10 for the little pink beads and INR 20 for a flat gems. Again, we still have lots of both items left. So, INR 10 together for gems and beads.
  3. Newspaper – a local newspaper delivered free at out doorstep.

All these total to INR 17, which is roughly 25 cents (converted to USD). Not bad, right?

Thanks Adventure-in-a-box for this fun activity!!


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