Upcycle clothes in to toddler skirts


This is a post on how I made suspender skirts for my younger daughter Anjana (2.5 years). One of the skirts came from my top and the other from my husband’s shirt.

Let’s look at the one from my top first. I had ripped the side slit of my top while getting off my scooter and there was no way I could make it alright. Initially, I thought of making it into a trivet, but then I realised that it would make a pretty skirt for the little one.

Before image – my top:


After image – suspender skirt:


This was an experimental box pleat skirt, so I do not have any pics of how it became this way from my top, sorry.

But, for the next one, I started taking pics for most of the steps. Also, I decided that box pleat was not my cup of tea and that ruffled (using the pleat-as-you-go method) skirt may be better. Another reason for not choosing the box pleat was that the shirt’s bottom ends were curvy and not flat.

So, this is how it went:

Before image – Men’s shirt:


Step 1: I wanted the skirt to measure 12 inches from waist down. So, I took the shortest point in the bottom seam and measure 13 inches (12 inches plus 1 inch seam – I am a novice, so I always work with wider seams) and snipped the top part.

Step 2: I cut three more strips – one measuring 22 inches (20 inches waist plus 2 inches for seams) long and about 4 inches wide; two more – each measuring 20 inches in length (17 inches for the suspender straps plus 3 inches for seams) and 3 inches in width.


Step 3: Start pleating the top end of the skirt to ensure that you are left with the same length as the waist band.


Step 4: Add the waist band to the top end – align right sides facing each other and sew on the wrong side.


Step 5: Fold the waist band over to the wrong side and sew together to create a loop for the elastic.

PS: The ends of the waistband connect at the centre – where the buttons are.


Step 6: With the help of a safety pin, slide the elastic through the waistband and sew the ends together. Then, push the left end of the waistband in to the right and sew.


Step 7: Sew the front ends together (the one with the buttons and the other with the buttonholes so that my daughter will not be to open the skirt out in the front – accidentally).

Step 8: Make 2 tubes out of the other two strips and turn them out. Attach one end of each tube to the back and attach the other end of each tube to the front while crossing them over at the back (making an X shape).


That’s it!! (I admit, it is a little high-waisted than I expected it to be).

This is my little darling in the skirt paired up with a light blue Old Navy t-shirt.


Clearly, she did not like it! But, that’s a different problem 🙂

Hope you liked this post! Please give your comments about what you think of this. Thank you!

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