We are now – please bookmark and continue to support us!

Hello everyone!

We wish to thank each and every one of you for your support all these months. The blog has made it so far and existed for so long solely because of your readership/ subscription, without which we would not have had the vigour and enthusiasm to keep this silly little blog going.

We are now available at the address Rest assured that nothing, other than the address of the blog, is changing. The existing content will also be in the new domain, along with the new  content which we would be adding on as usual. We are banking on your continued patronage to take the blog to new heights which it has never seen before.

No doubt, it does make us feel sad to leave the WordPress address, but the site wants to break-free of its current limitations and we are sure that you would understand. After all, aller Anfang sind schwer! (all beginnings are difficult.) Incidentally, this is our 50th post here.

Thanks once again!!


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