Sponge Craft Activity


This is a simple craft activity with a piece of sponge (rectangle shaped ones which are used for cleaning). We intended to make a princess teddy bear holding a magic wand but what we created looks more like a cat than a teddy bear.  Anyways, this is how we did it:

Things used:

  • 1 piece of sponge
  • thread (or a few rubberbands; i prefer to use thread in place of rubberbands)
  • colour paper (for skirt)
  • eyes
  • small strips of cardboard
  • popsicle stick
  • stickers for decoration
  • glue, a pair of scissors and markers (pink and black)



Step 1: Tie a piece of thread about 1/3 from the top.  Tie the thread tightly. This step is where the


Step 2: Tie the top corners using the thread to make ears.


Step 3: Using the colour paper, make a pretty skirt and tie it around teddybear’s waist using the thread.  Decorate the skirt. We used a small piece of the paper crown from a restaurant.


Step 5: Glue the eyes, nose (made of cardboard) and draw the mouth using the pink marker. We also added a crown (sticker with cardboard backing – glued to the forehead) and a magic wand (popsicle stick with a sticker at the top end – glued to the skirt).  You may choose to add a bow or flower in place of the crown.


I know, (to my horror), I just could not understand what creature we ended up with. Anyway, my daughter Santoshi loved it!!

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