Kaleidoscope – Magic Crate Activity


Yes, one more Magic Crate Activity and this was like super duper entertainment. We loved it!!

Looking at the tube and the mirrors, my daughter Santoshi (six-years old) was quite skeptical because one of the very early magic crate kits had a telescope. We were not a fan of that activity as Magic Crate was fairly new at that time.

To ensure that this was a different thing altogether, I reminded Santoshi of a kaleidoscope which she had received as a party favour from one of her classmates. After that, Santoshi was eager to put the pieces together. Stickers for the film made it more gratifying.

Here is the finished piece.





What we felt about the kit:

  • The kit comes with sturdy pieces, proper instructions and was easy to assemble.
  • There were two films and a tip (as part of the instructions) to arrange the stickers in a different way in the second film so that a distinct pattern could be seen with the second film, which we did. What we also tried was to put both films together which created multiple sets depending on the placement of each film – see the images below.
  • On this basis, the kit scores 9 for entertainment, 10 for instructions and 8 for kit quality.
  • Quality would have been 9 if there were a few more films and stickers with more colours and smaller shapes / pieces.


Thanks for reading this post. We hope that you do find other interesting posts in our blog.

We have tried a few more of our magic crate activity this week and the last and also a few months back. We are trying to put together our experience with these kits. So, please visit us again for more posts on this!

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