Weighing Scale – Magic Crate Activity


My 6-year old daughter Santoshi made me realise that I have not been spending much time with her or doing any activity with her like we used to do earlier. Since I quit my job more than a month back and we had some unopened Magic Crate activity kits with us, Santoshi took the initiative of picking a kit from her closet.

The kit had the materials and instructions to make a weighing scale. Santoshi wanted to do it by herself, which is actually the main purpose of these activities. As she still in kindergarten, she could not read the instructions, but the pictures were self-explanatory and she took my help only where she could not do it by herself (such as for adding the hooks to the pans).

Santoshi had a satisfied smile on her face once the weighing scale was finished.


Once done, I tried to explain to her how this works and where this object can be found in real life:

  • Each of the pans could be loaded with one or more objects and it could be used to find out the heavier of the two objects or set of objects.
  • The pan which is lower is heavier than the pan which is higher – works similar to a see-saw in that sense.
  • Vegetable vendors who sell vegetables in a cart use this kind of weighing scale while selling vegetables (our grocery / produce stores have only digitial scales) using weights (500 grams, 1 kg, etc.)

Santoshi decided to test how well the weighing scale was working using some of her items – hairbands.


Here is a demo video of the weighing scale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9WkjVGsdNs

Unlike the initial activity kits by Magic Crate, this kit had comprehensible and easy-to-follow instructions and the materials were of good quality – cut the right way, aligning well, etc. making it easy to build / assemble. The weighing scale is quite sturdy. So, it might make it to our golu later this year! (if it stays in good shape)

It took about fifteen minutes to assemble / build the weighing scale and we spent another fifteen minutes in weighing hairbands in all possible combinations.

Thanks Magic Crate for a good quality, useful activity kit!

Stay tuned, because more posts are coming up on the other Magic Crate activities.

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