Wardrobe organisation


In my march towards a tidy home, I made a stop at my younger daughter’s Anjana’s wardrobe.

She turned two in September 2016 and is quickly outgrowing her clothes which was ask the more reason to ensure that all clothes that are currently fitting her are used regularly.

I was using a bookshelf as her wardrobe. Even though it wasn’t too deep like the other closets in my house, somehow we ended up putting on the clothes on to save never really got on to the bottom of the pile. The reason was that after washing and folding her clothes, i stack them up on the clothes that were already there. Keeping them at the bottom of the existing pile didn’t work either – out just made things messier and uglier than before.

So, it was time to come up with a solution to not stack clothes on top. I wanted to have 2 piles – one from which I [read Anjana] will pick what she would wear that day and the other which we be the washed and folded clothes.

One fine day, I chose four Amazon delivery cartons. As usual, the boxes underwent the same treatment as other repurposed cartons.

Once the cartons were made ready to be used as storage boxes, all the clothes were sorted and arranged into:

  • Tops [t-shirts, frocks and sets]
  • Bottoms [shorts, pants and underwear]
  • Nightdress

Tops went into the bigger box as two stacks. Nightdress and bottoms went into the smaller box as a stack each.

I have two pairs of the boxes as you see in the pic below:


The first rack has the boxes from which we pick clothes to wear. The middle rack had boxes into which the washed and folded clothes go. The third rack has towels and napkins and Anjana’s diaper pack.

How this works:

  1. We pick those clothes which are on the top of each stack in the first rack.
  2. Every day, after washing and folding, the clothes go into the respective boxes and stacks in the second rack, with the latest clothes stacked on top.
  3. Once we exhaust each stack in the first rack, the respective replacement stack from the second rack goes into the box in the first rack [the latest clothes become the bottommost of the stack in the first rack] so that all the clothes are regularly used.

This arrangement was put to practice more than two weeks back and it has worked for us! Things are more organised and we do know where to look for what.

I need to do something similar for my elder daughter Santoshi’s wardrobe too. But, she has lots more things in hers. Let’s see how that goes.

Thanks for stopping by!

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