DIY Stationery Organiser


My elder daughter Santoshi who will soon be six years old loves colouring and drawing. So, the whole family (my husband and I, my parents, his parents, our siblings) buy lots of stationery supplies for her. As my husband and I would like her to keep things tidy (so that she does not end up like me looking to tidy her things in mid-thirties), I wanted her to have a tabletop stationery organiser.

Momontimeout from where I  got the backpack storage idea also had this interesting post on organising stationery items. In addition, pins on Pinterest on stationery organisation and posts in facebook and other sites on recycling bottles made me want to do something for Santoshi’s stationery items.

Things which I used:

  1. Four plastic bottles (capacity – roughly 600 ml)
  2. Cardboard pieces from a delivery carton
  3. Box cutter/ Kitchen knife
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Fevikwik
  7. Packing tape
  8. A small piece of thermocol (cut from the packing material of our new computer monitor)
  9. Paper for wrapping

Step 1: Cut the bottles’ top portion off (roughly where it starts to taper) using a box cutter or kitchen knife. I used my kitchen knife. I used a pair of scissors to neatly snip them off.


Step 2: I could not find a carton which could fit four bottles. So, I used my younger daughter Anjana’s baby food carton as the base – which seemed to be the perfect size.


Step 3: I cut off the top flaps and the back of the carton so that the remaining portion of it.

Step 4: Using the cardboard strips (saved from earlier recycling activities), one was placed inside the carton for a firm backing. Four other pieces serve as the sides of the box (the baby food carton is hardly two inches in height placed as seen in the pic above).



Step 5: Using packing tape and glue, the cardboard pieces were attached to the base.

Step 6: Wrap colour paper around the box.


Step 7: Wrap colour paper around the bottles. I did not wrap them fully because the carton’s sides would cover more than half the height of the bottles.


Step 8: Paste the bottles inside the box using fevikwik at the base.

Step 9: I measured the extra space that was available in order to attach a shallow storage space for smaller items like eraser, sharpener, etc. Wrap the piece of thermocol using colour paper and paste it in the unused space of box aligning it with the top of the box.


Now, the ‘organiser’ is ready to be used!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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