Boardgame Storage using Cartons


I know, this is probably the fourth post on cartons, but please do bear with me, this would not be the last, sorry!

My husband bought a Mi Air Purifier which is working great. What I liked about the product was that it came packed in a sturdy carton which obviously had to be transformed in to something more useful for me.


Initially, the carton was used to store my elder daughter Santoshi’s stationery collection (paper, colour pencils, crayons, markers and what not). But, the box was way too heavy for her to use. So, the carton had to find its real purpose in life. In that process, we figured that it could be used in the closet for storing puzzles and boardgames.

Most of Santoshi’s toys, jigsaw puzzles and board games are stored in a closet in one of the bedrooms. She does not want to play with those toys anymore and she has used the board games and jogsaw puzzles enough number of times to be bored of them. But, they still need a place so that they can used when her younger sister Anjana is old enough for those.

This is what I did:

Step 1: Cut the top flaps off. That reduced a lot of weight off the box.

Step 2: Use packing tape to run around the corners and near the base of the carton.


Step 3: Wrap the carton using colourful paper.


Step 4: The carton seemed too long to be used as is. So, I inserted a piece of cardboard (from the flaps that were cut off) as a partition and used packing tape to secure it in place.


Now, all the puzzles boxes and the boardgames go right in to the box.


Finally, the Mi Air Purifier packing carton found its true purpose. Don’t you think so?

Thanks for reading the post! Will meet you again with another post on another of my wild adventures 🙂


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