DIY Storage Box from Delivery Carton


I am taking one step at time towards my tidy home. Once the backpacks were taken care of, I felt the need to continue to tidy and organise my home. So, I set my eyes on my scrap fabric collection. These fabric pieces were in three different locations in the same room.

All the scrap fabric were taken out and sorted.



Once they were sorted by colour, I picked a carton (amazon delivery box, once again) big enough to hold all of these.


The box is quite an old one, so I ran my brown packing tape all over the corners and edges.


Please forgive the poor finishing.

Unlike the backpack storage box, I left the top flaps intact in this carton because I want to be able to stack some other boxes on top, if need be.

Next was to wrap this box with paper all around so that the box looks more appealing than a bare delivery box.


I made a mistake in the backpack storage box by starting the wrap the paper from the corner. So, when i finished that box, you could see the brown colour in the first corner. So, I started wrapping with about an inch or two of the paper to the side and added a complimenting colour paper for the top flaps.


wp-1479825698789.jpg Now, the delivery carton is about to embark on its new journey as my fabric storage box. Lucky carton, isn’t it?


And finished it with a hand-written label (I forgot to print a label).


Do you like it? I definitely do!

I have put this box on one of the topmost racks because I do not use this everyday. Next target is a tight match between my stash of stationery items (smaller box) or the poor box which holds my elder daughter Santoshi’s art/craft materials (a huge one).

It depends on the time at my disposal as well as the availability of the right colour papers to wrap the boxes. You will know as soon as it happens!

Thanks for reading the post!


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