DIY Crayon Costume


This is another DIY costume. It is again for my younger daughter Anjana.

As she is in the playgroup, they have ‘colour day’ celebrations once in two months.  The first colour day was yellow day and she went in a yellow t-shirt. As I dropped her at the playgroup that day, I realised that she was supposed to go as a slice of cheese and I had totally forgotten about it. When the yellow day photos came out, she was nowhere to be seen. I felt extremely guilty because I have never forgotten anything for Santoshi and this was the first time I had to do something for Anjana and I forgot.

It was colour red this time and I proactively asked them if I could send her as a red crayon (clearly, hibiscus or any other red flower or Angry Bird or Elmo is a lot of work and apple was just common). The teacher happily agreed to red crayon.

Next step was, obviously, googling for ‘diy crayon costume’. I got the idea mainly from here. I have not (as I always do) followed the instructions fully and have made changes to suit my child and the materials that I have.

In a recent clean up activity at home, I consolidated all of my scrap fabric pieces in one place (they were in 2 bags and a cardbooard box before). I realised that there were different shades of red fabrics which were waiting for their destiny to be fulfilled. So, I took a piece of red fabric which was solid and lightweight and also easy to sew on. I also took out a long, thin piece of black fabric for the design.

Design: The costume has two parts – crayon body and the crayon top.

Crayon body: The design was more like an apron (strap around the neck) but also tie backs behind the chest and the bottom ends will be open to allow free movement.


Trying it on my daughter before pasting the print out:


Things I used:

  • Red fabric (about 25 inches by 20 inches) – 20 inches by 18 inches (excluding seam allowance) for the body and 14 inches by 2 inches (excluding seam allowance) for the strap around the neck
  • Black fabric (about 3 inches by 60 inches) – cut 3 inches by 20 inches (for the bottom) and 2 inches by 40 inches (for the top including tiebacks)
  • Velcro pieces (for the neck strap)
  • Print out on a sheet of paper (size A3) of the text ‘Crayon’ cut along the oval outline
  • Fabric glue
  • Fevikwik
  • Hairband
  • Pieces of cardboard (8 inches by 1 inch and 3 inches by 1 inch)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sewing machine

For the first time in all my project, I also used the measuring tape and wrote down the length and breadth of the costume.  The finished piece had to measure 20 inches (chest) in circumference and 18 inches in height (chest to ankle). I added a strap for the neck because the costume would definitely fall down despite the tiebacks behind the chest – as it happened in my elder daughter Santoshi’s Wonder Woman costume. I also decided to add veclro to the neck strap because without an opening, it seemed a little difficult to put the costume on and remove it. Why go through the discomfort, when two pieces of veclro could resolve the issue?

Crayon Body

Step 1: Cut the fabric as per the measurements.

Step 2: Sew the (shorter) black border on the bottom.

Step 3: Sew the other black border on the top, aligning the centre of the black fabric to the centre of the red fabric so that the tiebacks are of equal length.

Step 4: Sew the neck strap piece as a tube and turn it inside out using a safety pin.

Step 5: Sew one end of the neck strap to the red fabric.

Step 6: Attach a piece of velcro to the other end of the neck strap and the other piece of the velcro to the wrong side of the red fabric.

Step 7: Add the ‘crayon’ print out to the centre of the red fabric using fabric glue and let it dry.


Good job, the first part is done! While it dries, go on to the crayon top portion.

Templates for the text ‘Crayon’ and the top and bottom borders:


Crayon Top:

Step 8: Align the centre of the 8 inch long piece of cardboard to the centre of the hairband. We are using cardboard strips to give the crayon top a firm backing. Otherwise, the crayon top may (read will) start to droop like the minnie mouse ears in the earlier costume.


Step 9: Add glue (I used fevikwik) at the centre of the cardboard strip and the ends. Fold it up and hold it tight for a minute for it to dry. Trim the top end of the carboard as in the pic below:


Step 10: Paste the shorter strip of cardboard horizontally on the bottom of the folder piece of cardboard. Trim the edges.


Step 11: Add glue and paste the red triangle on the cardboard structure and let it dry.


The finished piece of the crayon top:


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the DIY crayon costume!! All you need now is a toddler to put the costume on.

Here is mine with a red frock beneath the crayon costume and a pair of red shoes!

Hope you found this helpful! There are other posts here on making diy costumes – do read those posts too. Thanks!

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