Towards a tidy home


Now that the end of my corporate career is approaching, I am intending to deal with those things at home which I have ignored (shame on me) for almost the last ten years.

While getting my daily dosage of facebook, I happened to read this blog post. I could not stop thinking of how to make my home a tidier, cleaner place to live in. It made me guilty that I am used to living in my house which I don’t bother to tidy up. Not only that, I have been justifying myself for not cleaning up with ‘valid reasons’ – I have two kids, I have a full time job, I would rather spend time with my kids than in cleaning the house, etc.

But, this post made me think. How was I before I had my second child? The house was not tidy. Before I had my first child? Not tidy. Before I got married? My room was somewhere near ‘acceptable’ but I do not remember dusting or cleaning. So, all my reasons were in fact ridiculous excuses. I do not want my kids to grow up with the habit of not cleaning or keeping things tidy. I wanted them to be like my mother-in-law who maintained her house spotless, no matter what. I wanted a home like that and I realised that I had to do something to get that.

This week, I started reading up on housekeeping and organising websites and blog posts and that’s when I read this post. Though I have not set my command centre (at least not yet), I loved the idea of storing the backpacks and bags in an orderly fashion than scattered on the floor at the foot of the kitchen cupboard where I store all the cups and spoons/ forks for the kids.  I wanted to keep the floor free of these so that none of us trip over anything or find a spoon or fork or lid of a small snack box in the bag while looking for something else.

Things I used:

  • A carton  roomy enough for the things you would like to store (I used amazon delivery box which measures approximately 30 inches by 18 inches which fits all my things perfectly)
  • Colour paper for wrapping the box (I used papers with two different designs of my favourite colour teal)
  • Scissors
  • Knife (for cutting the handles out)
  • Glue
  • Brown packing tape
  • Clear tape

Step 1: Cut two top flaps of the box out. (After cutting them, I placed the two long flaps inside the box to give the bottom a firmer and even surface).

Step 2: Mark two rectangles (2 inches by 1 inch) about 3 inches from the top of the box and about 4 to 5 inches from the left/ right side of the box. Cut them out using the knife.


Step 3: Stick the brown packing tape over the top of the box (where the flaps were) so that they would not fray.

Step 4: Wrap the paper on the outside. I used glue to stick the paper to the box. To ensure that the paper does not come off the box, I have secured the bottom ends of the paper to the base of the box using clear tape. While wrapping the paper where the handles have been cut out, make a horizontal slit at the centre of the rectangle and fully the vertical sides and fold the paper and stick them to the inside of the box.

Step 5: Add a label to make it more attractive.


Now, you can see the difference which a storage box (and of course the idea) could make:



Of course, I have moved the box to a different area in the kitchen (under a folding table) so that the space there is used properly and the floor space near the cupboard is free from clutter.

More to come on how the things in my house are going to be organised – one thing at a time.

Thanks for reading the post and hope the before image did not scare you. Sorry if it did!

4 thoughts on “Towards a tidy home

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