DIY Wonder Woman costume for kids

Hi! Another costume for the summer camp.

Santoshi announced that she needs to be dressed up as a superhero for summer camp on Friday.  Thankfully, she gave me the information on the Wednesday before which was enough time to think of a costume and try to come up with an acceptable idea.

I interviewed my husband (he loves books, comics, superheroes,…) on female superheroes and we came up with quite a long list (supergirl, catwoman, gamora, black widow, scarlet witch, wonder woman, etc.) but we finalized wonder woman because there was no male counterpart and she was a very strong character.


When I asked Santoshi if she liked to dress up as Wonder Woman, she agreed.  She also said, “that means you would let me go to the summer camp in my underwear like wonder woman?” Whoa, that actually threw me off balance, so I turned to my hubby for help and he showed the latest Wonder Woman costume. A quick check of Santoshi’s wardrobe and my bag of scrap fabric pieces revealed that there was no blue leggings or trousers or jeans. So I had to go with a different kind of costume – one that involves a skirt.  Santoshi has two short blue skirts – one was light blue Barbie skirt and the other was pleated skirt in dark blue with white spots.  The dark blue seemed to match the skirt of the first wonder woman in this picture.


I wanted to add stars to the skirt. Given my superior sewing skills and the shape of the star and my not-in-an-adventurous mood, I thought of pasting stars cut out of paper. But instead of paper, I used a subway take-away bag for the stars and used fabric glue to stick the stars to the skirt.



When Santoshi asked why she had to wear a skirt when the picture of Wonder Woman she had coloured at the summer camp did not have a skirt, I had to think of something quick – that she forgot to wear the skirt before someone took a picture of her. That got Santoshi thinking (for the next n questions on the statement I made, so I tried to divert her attention to something else).


Now for the top. I got shiny red and bright yellow fabrics from my stash and also a lengthy ribbon.


After googling the Wonder Woman logo, I cut it out of the yellow fabric, stitched it to the top of the red fabric using buttonhole stitch and trimmed the strands that frayed out.


The ribbon was cut into four equal pieces. I attached two of them to the top ends of the red fabric and the other two to the middle so that this piece of fabric could be wrapped around Santoshi’s torso over her t-shirt and the bottom end could be tucked inside the skirt.



I thought this would be easy but turned out not to be so. After pasting a star made of red paper on the band of golden paper, a piece of cardboard was pasted behind to make it firm and also hard to tear.


Then I realized that my practice of procrastinating (of cleaning up waste paper, stationery, etc.) paid off this time. I found the paper crown ‘I survived the angriest whopper’ (adjustable to fit the head circumference) that Santoshi received during our recent visit to Burger King. I pasted the headband on to the BK crown and cut off the unwanted parts of it. I guess Santoshi was waiting for this moment “Mom, WW has no hairstyle, so I need to leave my hair loose!” Made a small plait on each side of the forehead and brought them together to the centre and put a rubberband to secure them. Then the headband was adjusted to fit her head.

Bracelets of submission

A sheet of silver paper was cut into half, wrapped around each hand and secured with sticky tape. This was the easiest part 🙂

All done – Here she is, proud of being (dressed up as) a superhero.


PS: the red fabric started sliding down, so I had to pin them up to the t-shirt.  The yellow colour on the pink t-shirt is the top of Tweety’s head.


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