Learning with TV Shows- “Wild Kratts” Zebra


It was a while since Santoshi and I watched the Wild Kratts episode on zebras.  As usual, at the end of the episode, we had a discussion on what she had understood. Though it was on zebra, it had included a facts on giraffes.

A week or so later, Santoshi, my husband and I went to Nandos to enjoy their vegetarian options and Santoshi got a kids menu which was printed as part of the colouring sheet (giraffe and monkey in a jungle background).  She quickly told us what she wanted to eat and focussed on colouring while my husband and I were trying to figure of what to order.

She announced that she was going to colour the giraffe with a brown crayon and  that she would use blue crayon for the tongue because, “I know giraffes have blue tongues”, with a proud grin! I was taken aback! Then, I probed her, “What else do you know about giraffes?”

She thought for a few seconds and said, “They have long necks, they eat leaves from cacia (acacia) tree and those trees have thorns”.  We were delighted!  Thanks Wild Kratts, for making learning into a fun experience 🙂



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