Learning with Wild Kratts – Fireflies

My daughter Santoshi was learning insects at school as the theme of the month and since we had read about butterflies and caterpillar at school and at home, I thought firefly would be interesting for her.

This episode showed us how male fireflies flash/ blink to get the attention of the female fireflies.  Using their fascinating storyline, the Wild Kratts explained on how they use the flashing pattern to save the fireflies.

After watching the episode, Santoshi and I had our discussion on what happened and what she had learnt.  Once she got to know that the flashing pattern of the ‘girl’ fireflies was used to lure the ‘boy’ fireflies out of the trap, she asked me, “oh, if they wanted to get to the girl firefly, they will use the boy firefly’s flashing pattern?”  I was delighted to know that the episode helped her understand fireflies with little help here and there.

Apart from the flashing pattern, Santoshi also learnt that the fireflies produce cold light (unlike the light bulbs or fire which give light and heat/ warmth) and that the larva of the fireflies is called glowworm.

It was quite an enlightening experience watching Wild Kratts tell us about the fireflies.

Thanks Wild Kratts!


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