Learning with ‘Peg + Cat’

While browsing through the list of recommendations in Netflix, Peg + Cat caught my eye.  I realised that the program had cute animation and was linked with maths which seemed to be the perfect show for Santoshi.

The first episode was about counting  chickens, though there were a lot more subtle things that the episode hinted at.  Another thing that they got us thinking was how they matched the number of  pieces of pie to the number of people/ creatures they were and how they solved the issue with an extra piece of pie.  Then, they proceeded to match the size of the piece of pie to how big/ small they were.  That was the first round of discussion that we had.  Though this was not a very challenging concept for Santoshi to grasp, it definitely made her watch the episode without complaining.

When the chicken are running all over the farm, an important message was crystal clear – not to leave the door (of the chicken coop) open.  It was followed by counting (chickens) from one to ten and that one hundred was way more than ten. The first part of the episode ends with getting all the chickens into the coop with the help of wheelbarrows and a baby carrier (again matched to the size of the person pushing it) before the farmer comes in.

The next part was counting chickens in tens in a different planet.  This was particularly helpful as it helped us revise one of the concepts taught in kindergarten (counting in fives and tens up to one hundred).  Bonus learning for Santoshi was ‘safe’ with a passcode to open it.

That’s so much of Peg + Cat that we have explored so far.  If we watch more episodes of Peg + Cat from which we learn something, I will post here.  Thanks for stopping by!



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