Learning with “Wild Kratts” – Honey Badger and Honeyguide

Wild Kratts was one of my favourite shows while we were in San Francisco.  It was a fun way of learning about animals.  After getting back to India, though the show was available in Discovery Kids, we never watched it.  Currently, with Netflix subscription, I am back to watching Wild Kratts, but with a different purpose altogether, thanks to my husband.  My 5 year old daughter Santoshi and I watch one or two episodes in the afternoon and we discuss about what we learnt from that episode.

The first episode that we saw together was about honey badger and honey guide.  We watched the episode and quietly let Santoshi assimilate whatever she could.

Then, we started the discussion (nothing formal). I asked her to explain what she understood and she was terrified.  Thankfully, my husband intervened and asked very pointed and specific questions.  Then, she opened up and told us what she had understood.  At that point, I realised that I should not do the mistake that I did while trying to teach numbers to her.  I learnt that it was unrealistic to get her to understand everything, leave alone explain her understanding.

Back to the episode, I was happy that we chose this episode as our first because it started with honeybees, how they collect honey, etc. which Santoshi was aware of.  The episode taught us these also, apart from the honeybees:

  • The honey badger – it got Santoshi excited because it looks akin to a skunk with a similar defence mechanism when the honeybees are about to sting it.  Now that we talked about honeybees stinging, we strayed away to how honey is collected and how we can protect ourselves from getting stung by the honeybees.
  • The honey guide – the bird worked with the honey badger to find honey and how the honey badger shared some honey with the bird.
We talked about team work, how the honeyguide and the honey badger teamed up and worked to get honey, etc.  At the end of it, I  guess Santoshi was thrilled that she learnt something new and that she could draw parallels from what she already knew.
Wild Kratts has given us not only a good platform to learning and discussing about animals, but also a time to bond with each other.
The next episode that we watched together was about fireflies.

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