Meal Time Surprises for Kids


My daughter Santoshi was (and still is) like most of the kids her age; she didn’t like eating regular food and preferred a glass of milk or potato chips over a typical meal.  The same went with the snacks that I pack to school.  We have tried fruits (apple, orange, pineapple, etc.), vegetables (carrot and cucumber slices), pasta (mac and penne), sandwiches, chapatis, etc.  While apple and pasta never came back on most days, other fruits and carrots always greeted me in the snack box every evening.

As there are restrictions in terms of duration of the snack reak and what cant be sent for snacks (no greasy, messy items allowed; preferably dry snacks which are healthy and nutritious – these were the instructions given to parents), my experiments were mostly on bread, dosa and chapatti.  I tried making them visually appealing.  I am posting pictures of some of surprises that my daughter got during breakfast or snack time.  Some of them worked very well (in terms of Santoshi finishing the meal), while a few didn’t.


This is a house made of bread slices and jam – has a roof, wall, door, window and a chimney.  Banana wafer and the rajaram’s masala wheels are just a bonus!


A Kite with a string and two bows.   The kite and the bows are made of bread slices, ketchup for the design on the kite and the string.  Masala wheels and gummy bears on the side.IMG_20150618_080645.jpg

Dosas (made of ragi powder, whole wheat flour, rice flour in equal proportion, with a pinch of salt, made like a pancake on a greased pan) arranged to look like a paw with pumpkin sambar and tomato ketchup on the side for breakfast.


Dosa sandwich with ketchup for snack time at school.


A slice of bread cut into thin long rectangles, mildly toasted on a pan; mashed potato made to look like a small mountain and tomato ketchup on the side.  Bread sticks, as Santoshi calls them, became one of her favourite snacks.


Double decker sandwich with slices of bread cut into circles, with ketchup in between and a masala wheel and a banana wafer on top.


Chapati made into different shapes (using a knife).  Shapes was the theme of the month at school.


Chapatis (again) cut into a semi circle and flower shapes (using a cookie cutter).

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