Fun with Water


My daughter Santoshi and I were hosting a play date on a rainy Sunday morning.  Apart from the usual colouring activity and building blocks, we opened a pack of play doh and let the children have fun.  A pink snail made by Santoshi:

IMG_20151108_121649.jpgWe read three books – The Diggingest Dog, Duckie’s Rainbow and Baby Chipmunk.IMG_20151108_114931.jpg

The theme of the month at school was water – sink and float, mixing items with water, etc.  My kitchen gave us all the items for this activity – a few bowls, a jug of water, a spoonful each of turmeric powder (for colour yellow), chilly powder (for red), all purpose flour (for white), coriander seeds (for “float”) and semolina (for “sink”) and a spoon for stirring.

We took all the items to the balcony and started with our fun experiments.

  1. Mixing items with water – turmeric powder first, chilly powder next and all purpose flour at the end.  The kids were excited to see the water take the colour of the powder each time.
  2. Mixing colours – we poured a few drops of water mixed with turmeric powder into the bowl of water mixed with chilly powder, making it more orange than red.  Next was yellow and white to make light yellow and then white and orange to a make a lighter shade of orange.
  3. Now, sink and float.  First, the kids had to be taught the concepts of “sinking” and “floating”.  One of the first stories that they had learnt at school was ‘The Thirsty Crow‘.  They understood “sink” when I told them how the pebbles went down and the water level came up.  “Float” was explained more easily – how a boat sails on water, rather than going into the water.  Then, they eagerly watched the bowl of water into which a spoonful of coriander seeds were added.  The seeds were floating.  Next was semolina which started sinking.  They also noticed that after sometime, the semolina had become soggy.
I guess, this was the best part of that day’s playdate.  I don’t know how many of the kids bothered their mothers in doing similar experiments after they reached home.

I will post more if we happen to do anything interesting in the upcoming playdate sessions.  Bye till then!

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