Sight words


Another dreaded “subject” in kindergarten was sight words, I guess.

The third month of the academic year started out with three sight words and expanded to thirteen by the sixth month.  Thirteen sight words were not just for recognition, but also for making sentences with them.

Most parents in my daughter’s class were worried that this was going to be yet another exercise at home, apart from numbers.

Now that my daughter Santoshi and I have made considerable progress in numbers, sight words became my next target.

Though the usual way to reach sight words is to pin up or paste cards prominent places in the house, we took a different approach.

We took a maximum of three sight words at a time and tried to make simple sentences with the help of pictures (please forgive my poor drawing skills).


(Tree, flower, rectangle, triangle, boat, bee, dragonfly, birdhouse, rabbit)


(Butterfly, cat, dog, square, trapezoid, circle, car, cloud, bird, leaf, teddy bear, house)

This was the first set of worksheets that I made for her for making sentences with the sight words it, is and a.

We are working on the next set of sight words – on and the.  I will post those worksheets once we are done with them.

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