Foam Popsicle

Hi again!

Craft time was becoming the bonding time for me and my daughter.  During our recent visit to our favorite store, we bought a set of thin, colorful sheets of foam.

We got our usual tools out – a pair of scissors, ruler, pencil, a lid (for circle shape) and glue.

The dark brown sheet was cut into long, thin rectangular popsicle sticks and the beige color was used for waffle cones.  Rest of the sheets – we imagined them to be the ice cream or popsicle of the flavor that they closely (or somewhat, in a few cases) resembled – orange, blueberry, strawberry, kiwi, etc. And, for fun, a star and a heart here and a butterfly and a flower there.

While gluing the popsicle and the sticks and the waffle cone and the ice cream, we tried to stack up one flavor on top of another and tried different shapes too – trapezoid, star, heart, circle, semicircle, square, rectangle and triangle.


This was done a big sheet of brown paper. We had it rolled after the glue tried in order to save space.

Cut the shapes in advance and give it to kids with glue and a sheet of paper each – could be a fun game at a birthday party or during a play date.

You could also talk about how ice creams and popsicles are child made.  You could also involve your child the
next time you make popsicles!


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