Beach scene craft


In January 2014, I was clearing out the drawer in my office desk (which happens like once in six months) and I found a small piece of blue gift wrapper which came along with a Christmas gift from my office Santa Claus.  When I was about to throw it out along with a small brown bag (which housed the medicines that u had bought at a pharmacy), the idea of using the blue paper for the water and the brown paper for sand struck me.  I needed some more to complete the beach scene: the sun, the sky, some clouds, a coconut tree and a sailboat.

This scene was quite familiar to my daughter, thanks to the almost year-long stay at North Beach, San Francisco, overlooking the Bay and the Alcatraz.

A newspaper ad for a residential property gave the sky and the clouds; I used my stock of colour papers for the rest of the items.  I didn’t have bright yellow paper for the sun; the sun alone looked a bit drab.

I folded the blue gift wrapper and cut them in between to create waves.  A trapezoid, a triangle and a thin, long rectangle made the sail boat.  Brown bark and two green branches completed the coconut tree.  A small outline with a pen and a flag created a sand castle.  The beach scene is ready!


Add a beach chair, an umbrella and a beach ball to make it more colourful!!

This is a 2-dimensional craft on a sheet of paper (A4), so you could choose to frame it and decorate the wall or your desk or save it in a file folder.


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