Underwater Slumber Party

The underwater school was organizing a slumber party for the preschoolers so that they get to know their classmates better.  Everyone was looking forward to it.

Rainbowfish was the first to arrive blowing bubbles as he inhaled and exhaled.  Next to reach the school were the crab twins, holding each other’s claws.  They were soon followed by Starfish. She attached herself to the nearest rock and watched rainbowfish and the crab twins play a game of tag.

As soon as Jellyfish came in, rainbowfish and the crabs quietly sat next to Starfish, just so that they don’t accidentally bump in to Jellyfish, though Jellyfish seemed nice and looked cute.  To entertain the rest, the crab twins started clacking their claws rhythmically to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb…” Seal just arrived clapping his flippers as the crabs finished the rhyme.

Shark entered the school along with Blue Whale, Eel  and Angler Fish. The next set to appear was Squid, Octopus and TurtlePufferfish was the last one to get in to the classroom.  Dolphin who was the teacher came in right after Pufferfish.

Dolphin greeted all the students by performing a series of dives.  Impressed by the performance, Blue Whale wanted to do something in front of the class.  She used her blowhole to make a splash of water.  Dolphin asked the class if anyone else wanted to ‘perform’ or talk about themselves.

Rainbowfish came forward and showed off his beautiful, vivid scales.  Seal tried a balance ball on his nose.  Shark showed his big, sharp teeth.  Eel swam forward and then backwards!  Turtle let everyone feel her hard shell.

Squid squirted some ink and it took some time for the big blob to disappear.  Pufferfish swallowed a lot of water and became a ball-shaped covered with spikes.

Angler Fish requested Dolphin to shut the doors and windows and turn the lights off for his trick.  Once it was all dark, there was light from his fin!  Everyone was thrilled!

Starfish told  everyone that when she does not want her mom to find her, she attaches herself to the fridge door and mom usually mistakes her to a fridge magnet.  Jellyfish was quite shy, so Dolphin just let her be.  But suddenly, Octopus was missing!  The green chair in which he was sitting was empty. Then, he changed his colour from green back to his own colour and became visible to all.

They played a few games and then had a snack.  Everyone had found a best friend among their classmates.  With that, Dolphin told them that it was time to sleep.  Soon, they were asleep.

The end.


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