Elsa Costume for Halloween

Hi again!

Another costume to be made and as usual it started with a message from daughter’s  school with only two days to get the costume ready.  The message was that either we could send them in a costume for Halloween party or in a black frock.

Though Santoshi (my daughter) has a pretty black frock, I preferred to send her in a costume.  Her most recent love was My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic).  I was trying to figure out if she had any clothes that could be turned into an MLP character costume.  A yellow frock could be made into a Fluttershy costume, but the mane and the tail wanted me to think of alternatives.  The same frock could be used for Dorami with a pair of ears, a collar, a tiny tail and a pocket.  But I knew she would always choose MLP.

Rainbow Dash, being the most popular MLP character, I was thinking of any light blue frock that she had that could possibly be turned into a costume with rainbow coloured mane and tail (which was going to take a lot of time and effort to make).

I remembered that I had a blue salwar kameez with a lot of sequins that could possibly be resized to fit Santoshi.  Instead of making a mane and a tail, I realised that the kameez could actually be made into a gown and the dupatta could serve as a cape in Queen Elsa costume.  Frozen was her favourite movie (she has watched it at least 20 times) and she could be thrilled to be dressed as Queen Elsa.

I took Santoshi’s frock and placed it on the kameez, aligning them at the neckline.  I cut the kameez to the size of the frock at armholes and the sides.  I had to shorten the sleeves and the length to fit Santoshi.  The dupatta had a beautiful design similar to a seven-petalled flower in the centre and arches at both edges made of sequins.  So I pleated the dupatta in order to have the flower at the centre and arches at the edge and sew the dupatta at the neckline of the back of the kameez.

On the day of the Halloween party, after I plaited her hair, she put on a Hello Kitty tiara and posed for me with a jack-o-lantern bucket for the treats – here she is!




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