DIY Baker Costume and Prop for pre-schooler

I got a circular from my daughter Santoshi’s school that the theme of the month (March 2015) was community helpers and the kids were to dress up as a community helper for show and tell.  Santoshi liked the idea of baking (cakes, cupcake, pizza, etc.) so it was decided that Santoshi will do the show and tell as a baker.

I wanted to use something in my stash to make an apron and a baker’s hat.  I had got a scarf from my office on the occasion of International Women’s Day.  I do not use a scarf and it was nowhere near pretty to be gifted to anyone; so, I had just dumped it in somewhere in the cupboard.  I took the scarf and my sewing machine out, determined to make an apron (even if it holds up just until end of show and tell, it would have done its job!) with the limited experience that I had gained in making an apron for myself out of my husband’s used pair of jeans.

I cut two strips for the waist band and another strip, a little shorter, for the neck strap. I made a trapezoid for the top half of the apron and a rectangle for the bottom half.  Stitched all of them together and wow, the neck strap was longer than it should have been.  I snipped it in between and brought it to the right length, yay!! There was still a good amount of fabric left in the scarf.

I googled DIY instructions for a baker’s hat.  I found this one extremely useful:  The leftover fabric from the scarf didn’t seem enough for the hat, sigh!  One quick look at the bag full of junk fabric give me a light purple fabric.  I was excited because purple was Santoshi’s favourite colour!!  I learnt that something firm or stiff was needed for the bottom part of the hat.  Remember the skirt using an old pair of jeans and a shirt? The collar part of the shirt seemed to be perfect as the stiff lining.

I measured Santoshi’s head circumference and cut the scarf (approximately 6 inches in height) to this measurement plus 2 inches for seams (being an experimental amateur, I leave a lot of fabric in seams).  For the top portion of the hat, I needed to make a circle and brought out the lid of the biggest pan that I had, lol!  I traced the circle out on the light purple fabric and made another circle (with a radius of roughly 2 inches more than the first circle) and cut the piece out.  With a little pleating, the top and the bottom parts of the hat were sewn together.  The fabric used for the top portion was a lightweight one, so it stayed fluffed up very well.

Next was the prop.  Her kitchen / grocery play set already had a few slices of pizza, doughnuts, a slice of bread and croissant.  I printed images of cupcakes, pastry slices and cookies.  The lid of an empty shoebox and a piece of cardboard served as the base for holding these items.  I was sure the children would be tempted to pull the pizza/bread slices, doughnuts, etc. out of the shoebox lid; a transparent folder was used to seal the shoebox lid.

The last step was to teach her a bit about baking – flour, oven, bakery, etc.  She was not very happy to wear the apron or the hat.  But, somehow we managed the show and tell; both the items are still in the cupboard.  You never know when it might be needed again!




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