Patchwork Baby Blanket

I live in Chennai, India where it is hot and humid for the most part of the year.  I never dressed my first-born baby in fully covered jumpsuits or sleepsuits for it was just too hot to wear such clothes.  She was always wearing tiny, soft, woven cotton frocks.

Needless to say, she outgrew these frocks eventually and I wanted to do something useful with all those frocks with cute designs.  As usual, struck by a crazy idea, I used my scissors to cut these frocks into 2-inch squares.

Patchwork baby blanket - 2inch sqaures


With the help of my sewing machine, I put the patches together, added a lining and finished it with a ruffle in the centre.

Patchwork babyblanket


Some more pics to show the details of the design.


Patchwork baby blanket - detail1

Please forgive the poor finishing.




Patchwork baby blanket - detail2

It served very well as a blanket for my first daughter.  She would often pretend that it was her picnic blanket and talk about the different designs on it.

Patchwork baby blanket - detail3

Recently, I used the blanket for my second baby as well.


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