Crochet Creations

I love crochet.  I find it simple and have been able to do it with ease, unlike knitting.  I learnt crochet at school and the first thing that I crocheted was a poncho.  Then some hairbands and other random stuff that are not worth a mention.

I am adding pics of things that I crocheted in the recent past (2009 to 2012).  Of course, there are quite a few unfinished projects which I don’t think will ever get completed because I was overambitious when I started them and now I am too lazy to start off where I left.

First among the finished ones was a sling bag for my brother-in-law’s wife.

Crochet Sling Bag

Next was a rose with the leftover red yarn.

Crochet Rose

My family felt that the sling bag was looking great (low standards, I admit) and encouraged me to do more.  So, in early 2010, I did a giraffe for my brother-in-law’s daughter as a gift for her fourth birthday.  I crocheted the body, the legs and the tail individually and sew all the pieces together.  Then I stuffed it with sponge, added fringes for the mane, a wiggly eye on either side and stuck brown felt pieces on top to finish it.

Crochet Giraffe

Crochet fever continued in the later part of 2010 as well.  I was pregnant at that time and crocheted a hooded baby blanket using yarn of my favourite colour blue.  I got a baby girl in January 2011 but we still used the blue blanket.  This is a picture of her in the blanket; she was two days old at that time.

Santoshi in crochet baby blanket

My brother-in-law and his wife were expecting their second child in March 2011, so I made a baby blanket for them too. This one was made with yarns of three different colours.

Crochet Shell Blanket

I got some yarn from my brother-in-law in 2012.  I made a scarf for his first daughter.

Crochet Scarf

This one is a silly crochet thing that I made; this was actually my last finished project.  We had bought a 16-inch hello kitty at Build-A-Bear in Hillsdale, CA for my daughter who was almost 2 years old at that time.  We decided to give a change of clothes to the kitty after bringing it home.  So, I made a something similar to a frock for the doll.  Here it is:

Hello Kitty

That’s it about crochet for now.  In case I ever get to complete my unfinished projects, I will post pictures here.

Thanks 🙂


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