No Hem, Easy Skirt from Jeans and Shirt

No-Hem Easy Skirt

While in SF, I picked up a pair of nice blue jeans from old navy for my daughter, who was 2 years old at that time.  When she started going to playschool, she came to a conclusion from girls wear only frocks and skirts and jeans / pants were meant only for boys.  So, she didn’t wear it enough times and outgrew it quicker than I had expected.  I liked the jeans so much so I kept it somewhere with no specific plans for it.

I generally accumulate stuff (for no reason, too lazy to get rid of them I guess), and lots more of old stuff got added to my “collection”.  One of the more recent additions to the collection was my husband’s shirt, which we discarded because it had a miniscule tear in the collar.

When I was staring at the ceiling out of boredom, suddenly a crazy idea struck me and I decided to implement it right away.  The idea was to make a skirt without having to measure a lot or hem the edges.  I used the top of the jeans and the bottom of the shirt to make a skirt.

So, this is what I took:

  • The pair of jeans that my daughter outgrew
  • My husband’s shirt
  • A pair of scissors and my sewing machine.

I am sorry that I don’t have step-by-step pictures of what I did.  Because I am writing this blog after I completed the crazy project.


I cut the jeans just above crotch (where it parts into leg openings) – that left the pockets intact on either side and one big opening below for the skirt.


Now, with the shirt, I cut the shirt just below where the pocket ends.  That gave me the bottom part of the skirt.  Now, with a bit of pleating on the top, I sew the top part of the shirt to the bottom opening of the cut-off jeans.  All it took was 10 minutes!

And, it looked like:


A pic of my daughter wearing the skirt paired up with a hello kitty t-shirt (again from old navy).



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